Saturday, June 29, 2013

wrapped up

Coming to work at the center on my last day
there were bundles to open.
It is good to have presents to open before work.
The coreopsis blooms smiled at their marks on cloth.
 Anna Marie had chosen to dye her scarf in cochineal the
day before but after seeing the bundles unwrapped
she decided to add leaf prints to her piece.
Faina is so beautiful in her cochineal dyed wrap.
Heads together and wrapped up.
Alphonsine helped me with my wrap.
Every Friday the ladies practice yoga at days end.
The room is packed. Lots of slow breathing and
'ahhs' at good back stretches.
After yoga Katie and I
wanted to teach the ladies a traditional American dance, the hoedown.
We showed them three moves, the do si do, promenade and swing.
Then we put the music on and everyone swung a partner. It was
great fun. After which, with Simon translating, I thanked the group
for all they gave me this week. In return, they asked I not forget them, help them find ways to
earn money, and come back to visit them. I promised all three.
We held hands in a circle and prayed.
The goodbyes were one by one with hugs and kinyarwanda murmers.
I will miss each and every one.
Not everyone was present here but all are in my heart.
Now I need to set the promise in motion from afar.


  1. Lauriella8:36 AM

    What a great adventure.

  2. So beautiful... cloths and people and spirits.

    1. Unlike anything I have experienced, Valerianna.

  3. Nancy B9:30 AM

    So lovely and heart-opening Nancy.

  4. Thank you, Nancy for sharing your adventure with us.

  5. So true, Nancy.
    I am thankful I CAN share this!

  6. Just beautiful...... what a gift in so many ways. Thank you.

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  8. this trip that i have taken vicariously nancy has been powerful, how much more so for you! holy cow, i am moved by your blog journal. thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us! Please, please let me know how I can help you to keep that promise!

  10. I am working on the system for donations for the center. I should be able to post something within the week! Thank you for wanting to help, Bev.