Thursday, June 13, 2013

waking up in Rwanda

My first days in Rwanda have been beyond words. It's a beautiful place full of color, heat, warmth from the people I have met yet also incredibly jarring. Katie and I are staying outside Kigali for a few days at one of her dear friend's farm. Our first morning we awoke to early singing as the women sift the chaff from a crop of dried beans.
The great aunt, who is blind, still does the work as well.
The crops that are drying, which are common to the area,
are sorghum (shown here), beans and soy beans.

Today we joined Katie's colleagues for a home visit to 
a client in the hills of Kigali. International Justice Mission is partnering
with the Rwanda legal system to intervene in child sexual assualt.
This was a view along the way.

This little one greeted me when we arrived at our visit.

There is a goodness is joyful yet incredibly heartbreaking.
This journey has just begun.


  1. oh my lord, nancy! oh, my.

  2. Velma, I am eternally grateful for this. It's two days into something forever.

    1. Pam Welty7:04 PM

      It's an awesome journey you're on. My parents lived in Zimbabwe for three years (early 1980's), at a medical and school station out in the bush. They so loved Africa and her people.

  3. Your view of the world will be forever changed by your venture. Blessings to you.

  4. God Bless my Nancy girl! Enjoy your time, your work and all the new'll hold the memories forever in your heart!

  5. I cannot fathom what this must be like ... for you ... for those lives you're meeting so intimately. Go safe. What a wondrous world it is!

  6. crookedfence10:43 PM

    Good to have word from you. Lucky you! Take it all in, treasure those you meet, travel safe, love to you and katie.

  7. Hello friends all! This is what Africa is. I haven't found the words yet....but one is clear. It's real.
    We are just getting up and outside kid goats and mama goats are making cheerful sounds, there are workers sorting soghum, the cows are mooing for their grass. Similar yet not at all.
    We have been on the go since I arrived. Feeling great. We have internet now so I will get more posts in. Off to a traditional Rwandan wedding today! xx

  8. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for the glimpses into it.

  9. Reminds me of pics my Dad took in Brazil 50 years ago... This trip is going to stick with you for a long, long time. An amazing opportunity!

  10. My pleasure to share...the days are more full than I can report.