Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is my very special hen....Henny Penny. She really is unique now that I know her. She lets me pick her up anywhere and loves to be carried around. Sunday I brought her into my studio and she drank water and then stood on the stairs for awhile and just listened to the music. So photogenic!

I put her out and all the other hens joined her on the studio steps to listen to some jazz I was playing on the radio. They loved it! That's Bianca (cause she's the whitest hen!) in front, Penny in the middle and yet to be named hen in the rear.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck 08

The best fiber show in the East...Rhinebeck,NY at the Duchess County Fairgrounds. What a beautiful weekend it was. A bit chilly to start both days but the sunshine was abundant, the fall colors glorious and the attendance without par.

I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures as our booth was too busy to get away. And I knew if I stayed put I'd get to visit with everyone that stopped by eventually. I met so many great people who stopped to shop and was I able to catch up with others that I often only see annually. Saturday night my friend and assistant, Sandy, and I joined Tom and Diane Golding for dinner at the Double-O, always a treat to get together with them both. Regrettably I caught a nasty cold Thursday and wound up with laryngitis by Saturday AM. So the entire weekend I only managed to squeak out some words and fill in with hand signals!

A wonderful band played outside my building for a bit, they moved around the fairgrounds, smart marketing! They were from Peru, and called Espiritu Andino. The music was beautiful, I could have listened for hours...so I bought a couple of their CD's to play in my studio later. Great creativity music.

One of the other entertainment highlights of the weekend at Rhinebeck is Loretta in the ladies' room next to the First Aid center. That happens to be the bathroom nearest my building. Loretta is the attendant there and she is an experience without compare. Not only does she do a fine job of keeping the bathroom clean but she entertains as well! All the while you are visiting the bathroom, Loretta is there and she has all sorts of rhymes and sayings that just flow from her mouth like water in a stream.
No sooner are you in the building but you'll hear "See no feet, grab a seat"; "Gotta go, let it flow"; "Gotta pee, visit me"; Where would you be without me?";"The lady in blue is here for you"; "Welcome to the relief center where everybody's a winner". And there's Loretta all the while smiling, calling out the lines and handing out paper towels to ladies after they wash their hands. Loretta is a hero, a shining example of a strong work ethic with a personal touch that works. Her tip basket was overflowing by days end. God bless Loretta!

I found just enough time to walk over to the sheep barns to see the breeds. I love to also see the 4-H kids working with their animals, learning the lead line and show techniques. It's a healthy way to grow up and teaches lessons even in the barn! My camera batteries died by the time I got over there , darn it!

This is me with the owners of Unicorn Fibre Products. They stopped by to visit and make sure I had everything I needed regarding the product line. Wonderful people, fabulous products! Try them out by visiting our store at www.longridgefarm.com See the link to the right!

Sometime Saturday afternoon this sheep walked though our building to do a little shopping for herself. She was so cute, she had a ribbon on her back she had won!

I know many are saying that the show is just too crowded but if you want anything to do with fiber, and I mean anything, it is the destination. If you like it more laid back, come Sunday instead. Actually there is talk of having it three days next year, Friday after noon and then Saturday and Sunday.

A great big thank you to each and every one of you that stopped to visit us!

Friday, October 17, 2008

RDS reigns

RDS....as in Rhinebeck Derangement Syndrome. This is the weekend for the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY along the Hudson River. I have been running around like my happy chickens do for weeks preparing for the show and promise to have many beautiful yarns and products for sale!This hen wonders if she can come along.

The fall colors are at peak in New England this weekend and the drive to NY will be an eye-popper! So jump in your car and come to the show. It is the best and you won't go home empty handed!

Please stop by and say hello to me and my assistant, Sandy. The show is Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 9-5. I am in the same place as last year, Building A, #40.

Have a great weekend what ever you do!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New digs

The chicken house is finally complete. It took a bit longer than planned as it was almost impossible to decide where to build it to consider four seasons. It needed to be near electricity and water in the winter, it needed to be sunny in the fall and winter but cool in the summer months. It needed to not be in the way for snow plowing or snow banks. And it needed to be predator proof. So with all that to consider we finally landed on this dear little spot which has turned out to be even better than expected.

It has all of the above and is quite cozy inside. Jack did a fabulous job, right down to the two individual nest boxes for egg laying! The sun streams in all day now that the leaves have fallen from the maples. Their roost is set so when they stand up they can see out the windows which chickens like to do! They are quite inquisitive. They are temporarily contained to an large outside area with electric netting until they "get" where they are at. Chickens aren't bright.

We should have eggs beginning in another month. Finally the chickens have come home to roost!