Sunday, April 26, 2009

A great big thank you!

Back from the CT sheep and wool show and what a long short trip! For the past few years Diane and I have roomed together for the show as we both work our booths alone and it makes for a fun break to get a chance to visit. We agreed to meet at the hotel first and then grab a bite and set up at the fairgrounds at 8PM. NOT our choice mind you, but we had been notified that the building we were setting up in would not be ready until then. After dinner we arrived at the fairgrounds to a completely full parking lot and the event that was to be done by 8PM was no way done. We found the powers that be for the festival and were told we just couldn't set up that night. Diane and I made an agreement with a member of the CT Sheep Breeders to meet us to open the building up at 6AM Saturday.

Jack usually helps me pack my truck to go to the shows and I make a visual of the order he did it so I can duplicate it for the return home packing. That never works! When I re-pack I get about the first 4 things in the back and then all hell breaks loose and I am stuffing and angling and pushing and squeezing boxes, baskets and plastic tubs. And of course very year I bring back a goodly amount of alpaca fiber I source and that has to get shoved and stuffed into the nooks and crannies that are left. I threatened to leave my beloved stool on the lawn at just wouldn't fit anywhere. But I love that stool and we made a fit in and I'll never take you again. It took me and the stool a bit of wrangling but we made peace and it came home for good!

All that aside it was a great usual I got few pictures. When the opening bell rang, it was too busy to take time to photo anything. It was a gorgeous sun filled day, and the temps crept to 85-90 by mid-afternoon!

We got a nice start on a scarf section for The Longest Scarf project to support Heifer Int'l. Afterward I thought I should have captured more photos of happy knitters, running their rows and inches. I did manage this one of a woman and her husband as she worked her row on the scarf. Thank you all who helped to knit and donate!

A special thank you to Maryann and Betsy of Crooked Fence Farm for helping me through the weeks before the show with studio work. It means the world to me!
I saw Ravelry friends who stopped to say hi and shop. Manise Beverly Kris
plus so many other familiar friends and new friends made. It really is great to be in the midst of so many talented people all with the same fiber dreams and loves. Thanks for coming to the show and visiting with me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fiber season kick off!

Just took a walk around the farm to say goodbye, it's so peaceful and I'll miss it. But only for a day as I drive south today for the CT Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow. It's a stunning day today and the weekend promises more of the same, although a bit warmer than normal. My truck is brimming with fibers, dyed and natural, Earthues dyes, kits and other special items.

I'll see you tomorrow if you can make the show...Vernon, CT at the Tolland Ag Center on Rt 30. It's a one day event and a nice one to kick off your fiber habit for the season!

Monday, April 20, 2009

They're hired

Jack and I got our spring peas, spinach and broccoli planted this weekend with a little help from our friends.

We have already noticed the benefit of chickens as they cruise around the farm...we have no mole hills this spring for the first time in years. Chickens number one mission, after they get that egg laid, is to ferret out any bug that even thinks about moving. And they seem to be conquering the grub population in fine shape.

As we tilled the garden soil the chickens got right in the mix doing what they are hired to do and with no complaints. Sidney lay nearby, musing and enjoying being close to us.

After the work was done they took to a spot under the lilac bush to have a relaxing dust bath. As far as we're concerned, they're hired!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Works in Progress

Working on this adorable baby sweater from Green Mountain Spinnery called the Pebble Yoke Sweater, working top down and now toward the sleeves. It is knit all in one piece and has three buttons in the yoke and then swings open...a fun knit.

And the yarn stock for spring is piling up now....this is the tip of the iceburg to be done in time for the CT Sheep and Wool Festival the 25th.

Here are two hens this morning with their daily work in progress....laying an egg. Look cozy together don't they!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keep the faith and keep the fleece!

We are so relieved to hear that Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk cargo ship is safe! The Navy and Navy Seals managed to bring him to safety after 4 harrowing days at the hands of Somali pirates. A true story of heroism and American tenacity. We share in the imaginable relief his family, friends and fellow compatriots obviously feel at this time. Excellent!

And so the scarf begins...almost 3 inches raised so far for the World's Longest Scarf. I have CVM/Romeldale yarns to contribute to members signing up with my team so don't be shy! Contact me for further details and if you don't knit I will do the knitting and be delighted to accept a monetary donation for the cause.

May your Easter be blessed and hope renewed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alright already!

This man insists I buckle down and get our taxes done....I hear the tick, tock, tick, tock......see you on the other side!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fibery things

It was great to have such a nice group join me here at the farm for the monthly fiber gathering! We were knitting socks and knitting squares for Luke and spinning silk from hankies and making macrame bracelets. It's always nice to come together in an unstructured way to visit with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Please note the invitation is open to all, with a reservation, please as space is limited, so look to the first Sunday in May for the next gathering. There is a link here and in my blog side bar as well.

If you are a member of Ravelry I have set up a team to help knit a part of The World's Longest Scarf as part of Keep The Fleece. You can read all about it on their site and if you want to be part of my team, Long Ridge Farm, check in at the CVM/Romeldale Sheep!! group to sign on with me. If you aren't a member of Ravelry I will start a team scarf section and bring it to the CT and NH Sheep and Wool Festivals for you to knit a row or an inch or you can come visit me at the farm and knit a few rows while we visit! The main objective is to get a nice long scarf. For each row you knit, the suggested donation is $1, for an inch $10. All of the proceeds go to Heifer International to help reduce hunger and poverty around the world. All of the scarf pieces knit will come together at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in October 2009 and be joined together. Should be quite a sight to see as this is a world wide event!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Join me!

My web designer is working on some additions to the website one of which is an invitation to join me the first Sunday of each month, from 1PM to 3PM,(except July and August) for a fiber gathering here at the farm in my studio! Bring your spinning or knitting or whatever you might be working on and enjoy an intimate setting in good company through the seasons of the year.

Because space is limited I just ask that you call or email to reserve a space. I will serve beverages and a light snack but feel free to also bring a snack to share!

Tomorrow, April 5th is the next gathering. Hope to see you if not tomorrow perhaps another month! Just be sure to contact me ahead of time!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

My dwindling family

Sorry no pictures for this post. And I usually don't write about sad things if I can help it. But lately, like the past 4 years my family has been dying to beat the band. And I know most were elderly when they passed on but this is a bit much.

I watched my Mom die a very slow death (a massive stroke) beginning in the summer of 2004 and she died in January 2005. It was the most difficult experience I have ever endured. I was grateful for the time we had those last few months. Then my brother died in October 2006, completely unexpectedly, then two aunts, two uncles, our little dog Haley, my little Sheltie and our dear cat, Ursus. Last week a cousin died, yet another funeral.

And this morning my step sister called to say we need to get to Maine as soon as possible as my step mom is failing rapidly. She has been diagnosed with lung cancer and was managing but now has taken a turn for the worse. So I am making arrangements to get away from work and the farm for a couple of days so we can go say goodbye to her.

As I look at this whole death and dyeing experience, and I seem to be getting a dose of experience, I suspect it is better to be the one passing on than the one to be left behind. The finality of death, while we are still on earth, is powerful and devastating.

Just wanted to share this in case I am not posting lots of news in the next week. I will be fine and I will be back, God willing.