Tuesday, August 23, 2011

we've started to wander

our first day with walks in the woods and fields
and tales from India scattered about as leaves
our first bundles began their simmer
more sharing which Luna loves as well
our bundles are laid out as gifts to be opened. most exciting!
we opened to find some lovely muted greens and shades of brown.
a learning journey of what can happen with
the forest floor, string and cloth.
no scissors needed
another pot simmers with new presents
to open in the morning. I promise to share
a great first day

Sunday, August 21, 2011

From across the world

a forest wanderer, maker of marks, stitcher, kind and gentle soul
has arrived
pots are simmering with windfall bundles  

a side trip yesterday found this dear brass teapot
to compliment an eco-dyed wool cloth.....
India is on the farm
"Fieldwork" begins tomorrow

Friday, August 19, 2011

peaceful easy feeling

this is a great time of the year on the farm
we may have some rain
we may have some heat
but we mostly have peace
in the early morning, the sun catches fenceline work from the overnight
during choretime neither the pups nor the sheep are concerned with moving.
Luna and Kalie in my sights with Della in the background
old Crystal, just hanging waiting for us to open the fenceline to pasture
Tybee, one big wether with NO agenda at all
his mother ewe, Bea. see that eye? that's a happy eye
the hens are living large and loving every minute of it
the additional barn garden is feeding the monarchs, bees and hummers along with some
delicious cucumbers, broccoli, tomats and brussells for us...
it's all good in late August

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stitched, dyed and a wrap-up ~ Joan Morris Shaped Resist With Vegetal Dyes and Indigo

It was a stellar morning for the first day of the workshop with Joan Morris here at Long Ridge Farm. crisp and bright just like the fabrics we brought to class.
mine drying on the line at the last minute.
Joan asked us early on to "suspend disbelief" and "stay in the present".
wonderful advice under any circumstances.
some pieces of Joan's to spark a visual journey into the art of shaped resist dyeing
a view of 'camp" after hours. my husband walked in to take a peek and said "wow, how do you all know what you are doing?"
we did with Joan's wonderful teaching style and experience
we stitched and stitched and stitched
and took our dyeing tasks like masters.....madder root soaking
Anna in the indigo...the vat was central and ample
view from the field as pieces dry
magnificent color from cochineal bugs. our well water is a gift for natural dyeing

by day four students were working alone with confidence, the sign of a good teacher.
Joan was there to assist but the early first days of instruction paid off
with personal freedom and expression
on the last day we all wished for one more day;
we had so much we wanted to still try.
 what a lovely problem to have!

a piece I created that I love.

a technique I enjoyed learning

It was a wonderful week.
The weather cooperated, the students were a great group to be with and Joan Morris is an amazing artist and a very patient and thorough teacher.
pssst! for those with some experience, she will be back next year!