Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My crazy cousins!

Oh this is just too funny! We gave my cousin Lisa and her kids, Erin and Evan these masks for Christmas and tonight I got back the family portrait! Masks: $10.95, wrapping paper $1.95, photo on email: priceless!

How bizarre, how bizarre...

Here is the flock yesterday...enjoying the afternoon on the winter loafing lot....what's bizarre is the fact that they should NOT be on this pasture! It would usually have at least 6" of snow on it by now! It sure has made the daily chores easier for all of us, but really, come on Old Man Winter!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Peace and Blessings

Our Christmas has been most blessed and peaceful. We spent yesterday with friends, Lyle and Sandy; a wonderful lunch and then we all walked the large parcel of land they recently purchased, a dream in the works with fields being made and a stunning view of Mt Monadnock, we enjoyed lots of conversation and some good laughs along the way. It was a special day. We spent a quiet Christmas Eve on the farm making calls to family and friends and then watching a silly Christmas movie. Outside it was a night as written in the carol "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear"; We pictured the night Joseph and Mary found the stable where they bore a son amongst the sheep, donkey and straw. All the stars were bright, the air crisp and calm, and no snow. The night was quiet, silent night. Today we walked the dogs and did the sheep chores; a clean barn, hay and an extra treat of grain for all. As is our custom, we then opened our stocking presents, gave the pets some toys and catnip and opened gifts from our our friends. Bottles of wine, candles, LCD headlamps that clip to our hats or snowmobile helmets for night time fun ((good one Lyle and Sandy!). Berndt and Nancy gave us a handmade journal; how delightful! This painting came to us wrapped in newspaper, from our dear friend Mary. Her past was extremely difficult and she has endured unspeakable horrors. But Mary has been working very hard these past years to overcome her obstacles and with a little help from her friends has come to realize a new and better life. Her talent for drawing and painting has been recognized in the community and she has received grants to study with a local artist, Peter Granucci. Mary painted this in oil, free hand, her first drawn deer and with hours of instruction and guidance she took it to the framery store for framing. She had saved her money for months to pay for the framing. She wants the painting to hang in Jack's deer camp and we will do that today. What a gift; of light, love and true thankfulness. Shine on Mary! Now we are packing up a lunch of venison stew and buttered bread to take into the woods. Yummy! We will be collecting seasoned firewood which we will cut, split and deliver to an elderly couple in MA who cannot afford to buy the wood but do need the warmth around them. I hope we can deliver the wood next weekend.

May the light of Christmas fill your life today and in the year to come!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter starts today?

The first day of winter begins tonight at 7:22 EST and we wouldn't know it! The bottom picture was taken last year this week, the middle picture is this morning. The sheep are baaing for green pastures and we actually have some. I gave them a little paddock that will entertain them for the day. It really is difficult for them to settle down to the winter schedule with temps in the 40's and 50's. Usually by now they are content with their limited loafing area, the rest of the fields under a blanket of snow. The top picture is of violets blooming at our front steps yesterday! From hibernating wildlife to song birds to flowers, everything is out of whack, not sure what month we are really in! No white Christmas for us ~ maybe for New Year's Eve?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What if...

sheep eat too much cauliflower?

Friday, December 15, 2006

December weather report

This is the most wacky December I can remember of the past decade. It's been 60 degrees and 15 degrees all within 24 hours. Lightening, thunder, wind, and balmy days. Most discouraging is no snow. Yup, we are snow birds and there is really something lacking around the Christmas season when there is no snow on the ground or frost on the windowpanes. I took this picture the other night of our tree this year. We put one outside the kitchen and will feed the birds suet on it. It's their tree this year and ours to enjoy watching. At night the lights reflect into the first floor rooms with a colorful boost during the night. So we'll keep tapping our toes to the snow dance tune, perhaps a few flakes will grace us soon!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Great friends, great food!

I had a wonderful visit from my dear friend Debbie this past weekend. She came up to the farm to help me celebrate my birthday. Jack was off on a deer hunt so we had the place to ourselves. Saturday afternoon she kept me company at the barn for sheep chores. Then we retired to the house where we ate, drank and made merry! Debbie is a world class chef. She has studied and chefed all around the globe. Presently she owns and operates a restaurant in Rockport, MA called Beach Street Bistro which you can visit at http://www.beachstreetbistro.com. Her culinary delights are to die for! Saturday night we had lamb steaks, smashed potatoes and a brussel sprout and red pepper medley. The lamb and veggies were stove top sauted, the flame high and hot. It's great to watch a real chef in action...even better to enjoy the results! Sunday we traveled over to the VT Country Store for some food purchases; this is a great shopping destination in Rockingham, VT visit them at http://www.vermontcountrystore.com . Make sure you make Beach Street Bistro, Rockport, MA, just North of Boston on the coast, a destination in the summer months, May-October, you are going to think you've found heaven!