Friday, March 09, 2012

written not stirred

Try as I might to bring the visual wonders of my trip in Australia to you,
 it is out of my hands.
Despite my devices (which are up to snuff) there are too many glitches and time
delays and connection bugger boos to work through.
I'll be celebrating the written (so to speak) word for the duration
unless a miracle occurs. 
 the interpixies have turned to full blown goblins.

The streets of Melbourne are raucous tonight
in celebration of Labour Day
It's odd to be experiencing the coming of autumn down here
when my New England genes feel
spring about to burst forth.


  1. bummer. but words are good. reminds me of "opposite days" when we were kids.

    1. they were certainly nice in many ways.
      I like your term for them

  2. ..and it IS bursting forth! The tanks fill with sap in half a day now, and the chickadees have that spring song!