Monday, March 12, 2012

talisman dresses in the spotlight

a strong diversified effort during this week and especially this final day of class.
our team of 11...each stitching forth dresses of our own, in the company
of each other, completed our work around 3pm.
well, kind of. no one is really finished. after all a Talisman Dress
takes time to create. Perhaps a lifetime.
below my table at 1 pm.
I pricked my finger with my needle, the underarm binding got
stained with blood. good solid energy affixed.
clock ticking.
 there were times of utter quiet and
others we regaled in laughter
 one by one our dresses appeared from the workspace
with hang tags and set on pretty hangers
for the exhibition at Beautiful Silks.

abject apologies for the horrible quality of my photos
every one's work is amazing.
all under the watchful and support of  India Flint.
for better views please visit


  1. Oh my gosh! Those dresses are amazing!

  2. Such power in those dresses!

  3. i have been watching and am so excited for you all. may you all make (and wear!) magic cloth.

  4. I have been following all your progress with these jealous l was not there!xxthey look fantastic.xxlynda

  5. it was an amazing experience for each of us, I believe. For me the challenge was constructing something I would wear without a pattern. But in retrospect I may have been eluded by the wearing part. Why did I need to wear it?!