Monday, January 17, 2011


New Year's morn I started full throttle at catching up from the Christmas season. So much gets put by the wayside in order to spend time with family and friends and soak up the peace, joy and love that shines throughout the holidays.

These past few weeks I wanted to take stock of my year back and this one early unfolding. What would I accomplish this year that got sidetracked or forgotten in 2010? What matters most as I saw another birthday pass? Is it my work? My family and the farm? Getting in shape? Losing a few pounds? Traveling more? Reading more? Working on my dyeing education? The list is endless and in order not to spiral out of control it takes great balance and thought to keep perspective.

First I tackled the desk. Do away with what I could let go of and focus on the most important tasks for just January. One month at a time. Desk work is so boring though, isn't it? A desk, at least mine, is layered with decisions. Ideas I jot down on post-its for future thought, a stack of files filled with upcoming workshops here at the farm as well as for my teaching, at the farm and away, dyeing projects for other clients, the items are many.

Mid-January I have pulled the reins in on the piles, sorted through the decisions with my plan of attack to focus on just one of the larger items a week with a smattering of niggley items daily. Yet even with that plan of attack, each day brings unexpected interruptions that are more pressing than the last and the post-its morph and exchange spots on the desk pad.

Something else I have come to realize is that entire days can be spent on duties rather than my art, my love for natural dyeing and working with fibers. Maybe it's the time of year? Or perhaps it's my method of peddling through the day and how I prioritize. The days are so short there is barely time to get going before the sun is down again. Or I'll say, "I'll just get these few things accomplished in my office and get them off the "table" and then get to the studio." I always have a backlog of stories I'd like to blog about but by the time I get the camera in the office to download the pics another event comes and goes before I can post the first.

As I look across last year I achieved many of my goals and as I look into the eye of 2011 I am focused. The dreams and goals are in my sights.

Color Institute ~ Michele Wipplinger

Goal accomplished. The 2011 Summer workshops are posted and filling! I am delighted to be hosting The Color Institute with Michele Wipplinger, Earthues in July and Joan Morris will teach a shibori workshop in August. Both are sought after classes with these artist/instructors. Take a look...maybe one will appeal to you!

"forget ginger and bell", detail,
Joan Morris, shaped resist dyeing on wool substrate

Goal in progress. Peach. She and Crystal are still in the big barn on week 6. Peach is balanced and able to put her weight on that leg and get about nicely. It is still inflamed on the front just above the fetlock so it has a way to go before I'll bring her back into the flock. I think both ewes are quite comfortable at this point...treats, comfy digs and no competition at the hay racks. They have been able to get outside daily for the past week. The entry to and from the barn has a ramp which is risky for a leg injury so we put a rubber mat on it for gripping and it seems to work well enough.

The snow is 18" plus deep now with a forecast for 5-10" tomorrow so there isn't much room for them to roam. Winter reigns.

During the storm last week when we were gifted with 24" of snow, Katie and I stopped to talk during shoveling. The flakes were fast and furious and unannounced I tipped over backward whereby Katie followed suit. We laughed and chatted buried deep in white fluff! These moments of spontaneity, quick, fun and easy, are vital and so healthy!

I am staring at a file beckons me. Must be done. Purchase a plane ticket to Ohio for a teaching workshop in June. Balance, balance, balance.


  1. Oh Nancy, I was just thinking about you! What a wonderful post and yes, it is amazing how a day passes and all you have to show for it is pick-up work that likely all needs to be done again and again. Never ending.I swear I sit down to weave in the afternoon and two minutes after I pick up the shuttle it's dog feeding time, do that go back and time to get to the horses and goats before it's dark. So glad to hear Peach is improving. A great big Hip Hip Hooray! And how wonderful that your workshops are filling up already!
    I guess Old Man Winter is taking this snow season seriously up there. It's beautiful in December and January and just a pain in the neck come Feb and March. As you said, balance! Give those critters hugs from the all of us. I'll be in New England for a month come May.

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    .. at the top of my list .. digging through & filing the PILES on the desk in my workroom & making it a useable space so that I'm not buried in paperwork at my dining room table! & then that will "allow" me to more freely spend time w/ Fiber Prep & Spinning & Knitting :)
    .. thanks for the inspiration ~ m.