Monday, December 27, 2010

Lamb's first snow

Winter snow arrived last night with a vengence although we are always ready for it in New England. We got about 18" of snow overnight so getting to the barns this morning was a knee deep excursion. The wind was howling and the snow still swirling when we met our cheerful greeters at the winter barn this morning.
Due to the storm's wind direction we shut the flock into the open barn last night to reduce the blowing snow load inside this morning. Prudent decision. But in order to get the flock out for loafing Jack had to remove the snow from their area.

While cleaning and feeding I realized the spring lambs hadn't seen snow before as they were born in April so upon opening the barn door what a surprise they found!

From their side they faced a flat wall of snow keeping them inside the barn.
While they licked snow and gazed out upon the morning's wonder, we cleared away an area for them to roam about...they love the snowfall. Shown here are Wetherby and Maggie.

Here is Della with one of her lambs, Maggie. Striking genetic resemblance.

Welcome winter!


  1. I've often wondered just what do they think when their world changes so dramatically. I know the first bout with snow with the colts was always a Holy Crap Batman moment. Sheep thankfully have a little more dignity. The goats, just hate snow but they hate rain worse!
    18" sounds like a pretty good slamming all in all. Over 12" north of Boston in Beverly. Nice snow moving set-up I'm jealous!
    Stay warm and have a Happy New Year. Hopefully no more snow until you get this load tamed.;)

  2. Magical! What great pictures!