Saturday, January 22, 2011

Come ride with me!

Call me nuts but winter is made to enjoy and whether you ski, skate, sled, snowshoe, snowmobile or what have you, the season flies by if you get out and about.

We have been snowmobiling for 17 years this winter and still love every minute of it. We've ridden all of NH and Maine north to Canada, depending on the snowfall. This week we have been enjoying our local trails as the snow in southern NH is fabulous this winter. The thermometer got stuck at 10 degrees most of the day and the wind was bitter but we were dressed right and have been having a ball!

Take a ride with me!

A parting shot as the sun went down on trail looking to the hills where our farm is set.


  1. Oh gosh, aren't snowmobiles fun! Wish they would make them quieter electric one maybe? :)
    Thanks for sharing! There as hot chocolate afterwards right?

  2. The noise is a factor, especially from the sidelines. We wear earplugs on long jaunts which is perfect. The beauty of a chairside video is the audio can be turned off! Theresa,thanks for riding with me!

  3. Neal and I cross country ski in the woods across from our house, and it makes me HAPPY for snow (though not so much for the icy rain that we got earlier this week).

    Thanks for sharing your ride!

  4. I was a cross country ski instructor for a few years it and I do love what the snowmobile groomers do for the skiing quality! It's fun to be on both sides of the trail use.

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    ... haven't had the op to XC ski for too long :( ... but did break out the new snowshoes last wkend ... just too darn cold this weekend! ~ m.

  6. Anonymous7:34 PM

    OK-you asked for it!

  7. KnittingKittens!
    Welcome to my world!