Monday, March 11, 2013

a lady's man

Neville, a most handsome CVM/Romeldale ram, lived across the river on Betsy's farm. He vacationed on our farm and spent time with our pretty ladies.
A romancer caught in early morning.
He chose his women one by one and gave them a whole
day, complete with breakfast the day after.
and quiet time alone.
Pretty sweet offspring were created.
Sadly this love bear's time had come.
I was thankful to be there with Betsy when he died.
It was big and sad.
He left behind a good crop of lambs on both sides of the river.
He'll be missed.


  1. He had a nice "smile" wonder the ladies adored him.

  2. I agree with Barb... a bit of a mountain man, but a great smile...

  3. a tribute indeed, my love to you both.

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

    It seemed like he was quite the ladies man. And what a smile! :)

  5. Thanks for the good thoughts. Betsy will appreciate them as he's left a big hole in her heart.

  6. That last picture of him with the cheese-eating grin is great! May his genes (and smile) live on through the next generation.

    My heart goes out to you.

  7. Such a sweet and handsome stud! May all of his wonderful qualities shine in future generations. My sympathies to you all.

  8. Usually ram lambs aren't the wish but this year they will be to keep his genes going!