Sunday, February 10, 2013

cloud hidden

I have taken an unintentional disappearance that is clearly needed.
Once I got that clue, the rest has been easy. 
Hanging out on the farm, with all my animals friends
has been a good prescription.
Google (Blogger) informed me I had used up all my picture storage and
 now I would have to pay to post. 
Ya, ya, I said. Perfect excuse not to.
I burrowed deeper.
I prefer focusing on the good things like a gift of firewood
to a dear friend who needed some warmth.
And getting an order of yarns and roving 
shipped off to Japan from my great wooly producers.
Overdue writing, updating the website and
summer workshops is getting checked off.
Long walks to clear last year's gray ghosts away.
  I have new promises for each day.
I don't want to miss a minute of it hunched over the 
computer pecking away, when I could be here.
And here, meeting this flock of sheep.
 [I can't spill the whole bean pot just yet.]
Working with a group of women on growing and
dyeing their own indigo to produce products to sell
to improve their lives. No one is famous there.
It's beautifully simple.
The seeds have been shipped to be sown.
An adventure is in the works.
I can't lug my sax there but a recorder may do the trick
or even some percussion.
I will be dancing, giving, sharing, singing,
whatever comes to the fore.
For now, I am here, cloud hidden [unless the sun comes out].


  1. So glad you are back! I've missed reading your blog. But I understand the need to burrow in and rest.

    It looks like you need the dancing to stay warm where you live.

    1. Thanks for missing me! Like coming home.

  2. I prefer those *friends* too, especially the furry ones ;>]]
    All best to you on the next venture!

  3. Nancy9:08 PM

    How exciting!

  4. nancy, you have some sweet things hidden in your heart. i'm glad. and i'll wait for the next bits of news. hug those pups for me, and tell kaylie (i love luna, but k has something x-special) i will see her in summer.

  5. wow.... that sounds like an awesome project!! And your critter friends look happy :)

  6. Thanks for the update Nancy. I really must get out in our garden and get it sorted again. It used to look nice but now has a lot of ivy strangling other plants.

  7. (oops, kalie, no y. sorry to misspell)

  8. is, indeed!

    Velma...Kalie is even sweeter, she's coming around! I will let her know. will be if I can put it together. Maybe you can meet my friends here one day!

    Nigel, great exercise, gardening is!