Friday, October 19, 2012

look, see, run

Looking back a month, I guided a lovely group through the day
learning to dye with indigo. Beautiful blues.
A vintage dress that was a rather bland light peach
morphed. It was dyed with the indigo I grew this summer
which yielded a much greener blue. Love it!
It was a made to order September day here on the farm.
The pumpkins got harvested and they were huge 
despite the dry summer.
The flock finally in their glory with cooler
temperatures and less fences set for rotation.
A free for fall grazing time.

We got the last of the hay in, loft full, case closed for winter.
Kalie helped me while I loaded bales to the elevator.
Every blessed sheep coat from last shearing to date
got washed and sorted, finally.
Crystal is still with us doing it slowly
and calmly.
Early October Long Ridge Farm was on the 
artisan tour and it was a wonderful experience.
Luna was the official greeter!
I was delighted that right around the corner there
is a breadmaker and a new winery. 
Made for a great tour route.
Lots of people stopped to visit and shop while I let 
the fresh indigo vat simmer all day and dyed up a storm.
I gave people the chance to dip their own silk to watch
the magic happen.
The sheep modeled for the visitors. Good sheep.
And now it's time for Rhinebeck. Shoving off momentarily.
A very special delivery came
from a very dear Owl friend.
You can read about it here and see it on display
at the show. Just gorgeous.
Come visit the grand dame of the
wool festivals on the east coast this Saturday and Sunday.


  1. What a fun class that was! Thank you. Have a most wonderful weekend at Rhinebeck! I'm sorry to be missing it.

  2. Am swooning over absolutely ALL of day I shall visit, one day! Such cute dang woofers (with fun jobs), too. And that beaded shawl? lordie. So fine.

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Safe Travels ... shared it w/ you 3yrs ago (seems longer ago than that .... ) ~ m.

  4. oh wow - the indigo is amazing - as are all the pics..... I'm picturing it all from this side of the pond and sighing....

    1. and you too, Ronnie. take a trip over and we'll swing the blues...

  5. Can't wait to see you at Rhinebeck! xx

    1. loved seeing you, Bev. You are always a bright light.

  6. What a lovely post! Have a grand time at Rhinebeck.

  7. i want to go to rhinebeck someday...i love all the stuff in this busy october post. besides my pup, two magnificent dogs: luna is easy to love, kaylie, a little more reserved, but, oh my, what a dog!

    1. dog lovers love dogs, Velma!
      one day you might wend down for Rhinebeck, although if you don't like crowds it's a tough place to be.