Tuesday, September 18, 2012

they do remember

Katie, dear friend and prior shepherdess,
is home for a visit from Rwanda after a year away.
she came for the weekend here on the farm.
a treat for us all.
Katie was most excited to visit the flock,
as she had done chores daily, helped with lambing
and written wonderful tales about the flock.
she was much loved for the two plus years she lived on the farm.
the first evening she and I did chores together
and it was a happy reunion.
 the following afternoon
Crystal was waiting for her own visit. she gets around
but the arthritis keeps her less mobile than the rest.
Crystal looked, listened and accepted Katie back into the fold
with no hesitation.
it's been reported before but now I see
it first hand. sheep can remember up to
200 faces for up to 2 years time.
it was a sweet reunion we had.


  1. A sweet reunion for all indeed!

  2. brought tears. lovely.

  3. they can even recognise people from photographs apparently [suspect the pix would have to be life-size to make sense]
    here's a story that might amuse you
    about sheep conquering cattle grids

  4. Of course they do! Sounds like Katie's visit was lovely for everyone!

  5. That makes total sense. I've had horses do the same thing. Smart creatures! :)

  6. it's nice to be amongst animal lovers in the world!