Friday, July 27, 2012

milk of the moon

a special workshop began today here at the farm.
it's always serendipity when a class comes together.
and this is a sweet and peaceful gathering.
from California, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania,
New York and New England
the energy to create is focused.
Joan Morris is guiding the group on
arashi shibori techniques 
with one very natural hue added

tonight it fills the whole night sky.


  1. How wonderful! And glad your night skies are clearing, I've heard rumors of rainy weather down on the north shore of MA for the past few days.
    Pets all around to the furry companions please.

  2. precious and frisky indigo!

  3. Pats given, Theresa. And yes, wet it is. Multiple downpours and humid but not dampening the spirits!
    So true, Velma!