Saturday, June 30, 2012

farm blues

the day began with the promise of blue...
as I readied to teach a class of eight
dyeing with indigo here at Long Ridge
last weekend
through the morning students learned
how to make the indigo stock and prepare
for dyeing.
then the gloves went on,
vats got adjusted,
and the dipping was copious,
from yarns to fabric to clothing.
Anne dipped while Rita ran the timer.
one of the perks of smart phones...a stopwatch

Rita decided to dip a strand of hair.
it's protein afterall.
and yes it took the blue.
Luna, as usual, was in heaven
under the dye tables with
a group of happy students

a thunderstorm came up rather quickly and
after a mad dash to move tables, dye vats and dyed
fibers under cover, the dyeing resumed.

the blues acheived were breathtaking.
teacher and students most happy

this piece of fabric was in early stages
of multiple dips for intentional
areas of saturation
there was lots of discussion as work
progressed through dips

and in the garden my indigo has sprouted
and is doing quite well. It had a late
start getting planting due to the excess rain this spring
but I will get one harvest, for certain.
and it's a good learning experience
before planting a larger area next year.
and the woad is looking great as well
I am not thinning too much
as it doesn't mind a bit of squeeze play.
the blues are thriving here on the farm!


  1. Hubba Hubba! The blues sure ARE thriving on your farm and what stunning
    hues you got from the dye vats. WOW!

    1. thanks Theresa,it has been the blue period with me lately!

  2. I'd choose YOUR kinda blues any day, Nancy...sure looks like you all had a huge pile of bluey FUN with gorgeous results!! Garden plants looking mighty spiff as well. Ain't nothin like hope in the future, is there?!

    One day, I sure would love to venture back there & play in some dye pots on your farm.... Hope in the future. YES.

    1. Hope springs eternal, Christi.
      I look forward to the visit one day.

  3. looks like in suggesting indigo as a crop i've done something useful after all
    ...madder next ? you have a fabulous climate for growing stuff there!

    1. I promised you a crop India! thank you for suggesting...stop by if time allows this year.

  4. It was a great class and you are a wonderful teacher.I would encourage anybody reading this to run, not walk, to sign up for your next class! Thank you for a information- and fun-packed day.

    1. thank you, Andrea! you were great fun.

  5. I have the blues yet again at missing one of your indigo classes! One of these days I finally will when life doesn't get in the way.

  6. Lovely blues! One never gets tired of the magic of indigo.