Monday, February 06, 2012

the cone zone

Luna's in the zone and the cone says it all.
Seems she has a recurring allergy issue which we will now have to address.
She breaks out with rashes which she over licks as her leg shows.
  We will have to start a food trial to see what the culprit is.
"Sigh", she says.
Luna loves food. Luna loves everything.
Here she is having no problem with her dinner,
secretly hidden beneath the dome.
It took about 2 hours after Luna was coned
and she acted almost normal.
For those of you who have
had to be the meanie, you know how hard this cone thing is.
But our dear Luna, just doesn't let it get her down. 
The morning walk found her just as chipper and ready as always.
Cone? What cone?
Cold, mountain water, ahhh.
Looking forward to a resolution to her allergy.
Luna has earned her freedom.


  1. Will you be trying a Limited ingredient food diet? I have to start one with my pups- persistent ear infections and the vet thinks it's probably a food allergy issue. Sigh. Hope Luna's lick granuloma heals quickly. I hate those cones. I used a BooBooLoon with Rosie the last time she had a sebaceous cyst removed from her ear. Lies flat ( like an inflated donut) and she wasn't able to scratch or reach a thing on her body with it.

    1. I will have to start with food. We know it isn't behavioral which I am thankful for.

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Awwww… poor Luna. What a good girl. I hate having to use the cone on one of my pets, its probably harder on us and them. I hope it gets resolved quickly. Good luck.

  3. Nancy, my bestie was adopted at age 2 and came with some allergies. It took a little bit of trial and error but after considerable reading, I put her on a dog food that was grain free...Orijen, to be exact...and that solved more problems than just her allergies. They have a great website where every ingredient is listed, if that's of interest. It is a kibble (don't know if you're pro that) and the family-owned company does not outsource any ingredients from China or elsewhere (all local).

    Best wishes & sweet pats to Luna and her speedy recovery! and please email me if you have any further questions.

    1. Thanks Christi for this tip. Luna is on kibble now so that's easy enough. I may be in touch with you.

  4. Oh no, my sympathies go out to you both! They have some nifty inflatable cones that might prove a bit more comfortable for everyone. You sure it's a food allergy and not a contact one? If so, grains are often the culprit, corn, wheat which no doubt I'm just repeating what the vet said.. At least in this day and age, specialty diets are MUCH easier to find and try. I do wish they had a complete allergy panel test for dogs and cats like they do for people...maybe some day.
    Hugs and yummy liver only treats to Luna for a speedy resolution!

    1. Well, this is a good question. You know how a farm is full of stuff on the ground. You have given me pause as it is on her belly and legs. Hmmmm.

  5. How's Miss Luna doing?

    1. Theresa, it is slow. Thanks for asking. The really affected area is still pink. BUT it's only week one of two in the cone so time will tell. I do need to be sure she
      doesn't ingest anything but her food and that's a trick here. It's hard to believe but chicken and sheep poop are quite popular dog snacks. Eeek!

  6. Oh I know the appeal of farm poop to dogs.......At least she doesn't roll in cow pies. I had one that lived for that when we went to the home in VT complete with the cows in the rented out field. Thank god for handy rivers I say. ;) Poor Sam got many a dunking regardless of the weather...
    Wondering how the rest of her hot spots might be doing?
    Poor little cone head. Robin spent weeks in one too with his toe woes.

    1. everything has simmered down and after the vet visit this Friday then we can put her on a food trial. But if it's the farm "floor" that will be a challenge. She constantly stuffs her head in the manure pile. and Short of sealing it all around which is not practical we can only watch her with due diligence!
      Now Robin was such a pup for the cone. Must have been harder. At least Luna is somewhat adult-ish!