Sunday, December 11, 2011

rosin up

After years of lonliness and whining from the violin case
I decided it was time to rosin up the bow 
Twelve years ago I knew these pieces
yet not without effort
so I arranged for a tutor...
oh boy, here we go.
it's going to take some doing.
So if you wonder why I am not blogging
this is yet one more joy that needs attending.
Webster (named for the most amazing sax player, Ben Webster)
is not yet impressed.
Come on my bud.
His smiling will be the true test.


  1. Excellent! Music is a wonderful companion. Great to listen to but there are depths and heights that only the player can achieve.

    Have you considered that Webster might be wondering what the strings are made of? :) He is still a strikingly handsome fella!

  2. great to have that fiddle there waiting for you. enjoy! i imagine a lone walker on your hill might be entranced by fiddle music coming from the clearing.

  3. i imagine some lone hiker on your hills entranced by fiddle music coming from a clearing up ahead.

  4. Oh GOOD for you! There will be lots of good music and certainly pride and accomplishment all because of a little rosin and practice. ;)

  5. Good for you! I have been away from the cello for most of my adult life and no longer have mine- was a rental in those days in Europe. My uncle got my grandfather's when he died. Makes me wonder where it is now.

  6. Anonymous8:47 AM

    ... would have loved to see & hear when I was there yesterday! you never mentioned it. had not idea that you played an instrument.

    ... tree is in the stand & it will be a real cutie once decorated. * * THANK * * ~ m.

  7. and at least Webster isn't jumping at you.
    on at least one memorable occasion our [sadly, late] Burmese cat Milo hurled herself at me, all claws extended, whilst i was scraping away at my viola. Martha just gives me a very dirty look and pointedly leaves the room when i begin unpacking the sax.

  8. to give Webster 3 stars for taste,
    he comes into the living room and stares at me momentarily and skulks out. When he starts to lay at my feet and stares at me adoringly I will contact Carnegie Hall. 'til then he rules.