Thursday, November 24, 2011

Savor the feast

as we celebrate Thanksgiving here on the farm with our loved ones,
family and furry (Wetherby gets an apple this morning),
we are most thankful for just this.
love, warmth and tradition.
may your day be blessed.

and as we sit around the table this evening for dinner
we will raise a glass to absent friends.


  1. and this absent friend will be raising a glass or two to you, too...

  2. i have raised my glass, and now a cuppa, to you nancy and the amazing long ridge. hurrah!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Nancy! I thought of you on Wednesday as you were getting snowed upon.

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all @ Long Ridge Farm ~ m. (in OR)

    ps ... hope to see you in 2wks?

  5. here, here! to absent friends.

  6. Yes, these are the things to be thankful for! I must make a visit to Long Ridge Farm my NY resolution!!