Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Of sheep and geese

the sheep know the days on pasture are waning.
they seize a precious afternoon together with pleasure
quite sure they know much more about the shortening days
and the coming of winter than we credit them for
I took some time amidst regular work in the studio to stick bundle and dye 
some small pieces for pleasure,
in honor of India's presence, and saw my
long necked goose is a feeling kinda loose


  1. Love your posts and photos. Are the sticks to weigh the fabric down and to keep them in the dye bath? I feel like I should know this. :-/

  2. What a beautiful little garden area! (first picture)In your last post you mentioned walking for the sake of "mindfulness." From someone who has practiced a lot of Zen meditation/mindfulness, that garden area looks like the perfect place to just sit awhile.



  3. Manise...the stick helps stabilize while bundling...and quite often the float til really wet.

    Ed....you are so right...it is a lovely place to dwell and contemplate.

  4. They look quite content there, who wouldn't be? It's a beautiful spot. In the blink of an eye it will be white again.

    Love your loose goose stick!

  5. i think i know that grass...happy sheep