Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whirrr go the shears

Shearing is done. The weather cooperated with a bright sunny day and no adverse weather for days ahead. What not to wish for is wet and cold. If the sheep are subjected to wet conditions before shearing it affects the shearer's progress and also management of the fleece after it is "on the table". In addition, I am not fond of plummeting temperatures after shearing when the flock is compromised with no fleece. The shiver and shake as they go...

Shearing began...we had three helpers in the shearing section and three helpers in the skirting section. Here is our shearer, Andy Rice, throwing a fleece on the skirting table.

Griffin is a yearling and he was not happy about the bad boy here.
Hours later, shearing done, we let them out of the barn and whoosh! With no lead and one controlling sheltie (Kalie) the flock was back to their regular digs and full hay racks....ahhhh
We all took a break for some venison chili, warm garlic bread, wine and camaraderie after the shear

Midway through shearing shows the signs of our breed's wool. It's greasy by nature and that manifests itself on the shearer's blades....

Always an event and magnificent each year!


  1. Sympathy for Griffin. Can you imagine that happening to you?

  2. He should at least get an acting award for that bad boy display! What a wonderful exhausting day you had.
    And quite a lot of beautiful fleece. I need to get my girls out of their woolies. They are blowing their coats but it has been way to cold and wet to shear them down
    so far.