Saturday, February 14, 2009

A sweetheart of a sheep

This is Maisy. Maisy is a Montadale and a trained therapy sheep. Maisy and her handler spend time with the sick and terminally ill to give them peace and healing support. We had a chance to speak with Maisy's handler today when we visited our local humane society. She told us of one story where a hospital called and asked her to hurry down with Maisy. They had a child who needed to undergo surgery and was terrified. Maisy arrived and the handler says she just knows what to do. Maisy walked over to the child's bedside and laid her head right on the bed and just stood with the child. He was able to touch her head and face and it completely calmed him down. Incredible!

Maisy came from a farm in MA where she was born but not going to live though her first day. The farmer didn't care and she wound up in the handler's hands where she works in a veterinarian's office and by a stroke of fate is now living a life most sheep never envision. Check out the diaper! The handler flipped up her little cover for this photo, otherwise is discretely covered.

Maisy travels in a car, in the back seat and rides to and from NH regularly to help where she is needed. When she is not working, she lives on a small farm in a barn with her fellow sheep. Her handler says Maisy prefers her life outside the sheep she is! She is now 1 year old.

Is she not the cutest? This is a sweetheart photo for sweetheart's day!


  1. That is the best valentine EVER! Go Maisy. It makes me very happy to know there are therapy sheep in this world - who knew?

  2. Our dog, Tucker, was a therapy dog, and he and I visited the medical center in a nearby retirement community. I know firsthand how healing a loving animal can be to someone in need. How wonderful that Maisy is able to do this: I'm sure it's just as beneficial for her as it is for those she visits. Like Melissa said, "Go Maisy!"

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    ..THANK-YOU for this delightful & enlightening story! ~ m.

  4. She is adorable. A good reminder there's a spot in this world for everyone to have a purpose!

  5. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I found your blog via Beverly's blog (PoMoGoLightly) and I just have to say thank you for shaing such a sweet, sweet story.