Saturday, February 21, 2009

More about the little bird

Below is yet another note from the Deb at Winchester WildLife Rehabilitation Center about the little bird....
For those lucky enough to live near us in the Monadnock Region make note of this wildlife rehab center: Deb Gode can be reached at and Irene Ruth can be reached at One thing they do make clear is that they take on NO baby birds.

Check your bird book for the microbird, the ruby crowned kinglet. They look like finches only the beak is black and slender, like the bird you brought me and the beak of a finch is thicker and rounded because it is a seed eater. The black poll looks similar to a finch only smaller. Your bird was a kinglet. They are here year round unlike the black poll who is here early spring and summer and they like pine trees. Very active birds.

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  1. That's great to know and makes more sense than a warbler here waay too early. I get these little guys here, but never knew what they were. And have heard their song in the trees on my walks. Thanks Nancy and Deb.