Sunday, August 10, 2008

Della's flock

The chickens are soooo happy to have Della and Lucy to share the barn with. The hens follow them all around the field while they graze, grabbing crickets and all sorts of other bugs. Last evening when I went down to put the chickens in for the evening, they were all over the place. Two were on Lucy's back, one way atop the shearer's post (8' plus) others roosting on the rails around the lambing jugs. It was a laugh!

The hen's love the sheep, but do the sheep love the hens? We'll never really know will we?!


  1. They are just too adorable!! You are truly blessed with all your animals. I love that you share them with us, and that you treat them as the wonderful beings they are!

  2. I guess if they aren't chasing them, the sheep think the chickens are okay?

    Our neighbor raises homing pigeons and they like to wander around in the pasture. Digger will spend hours following them around trying to catch a tail feather in his mouth. I knew he was pretty sacked out when he was standing out there and a bunch of them flushed, and flew up, running into his belly and he never moved....just sort of snorted at them and watch em go.