Tuesday, June 24, 2008

They know the way

The flock spent the night in the winter barn as I thought the weather was going to be severe and they'd appreciate the roomier quarters in the event of rain. This morning I took them out to the near field, they know the way on their own. Sidney has become an effective sheep herder, by default. You can see him laying in the driveway behind them. He blocks their options taking the rear every time. Where he picked this up we do not know!

When the sheep arrived at the field, they filed one after the other up to the top where we reseeded a section this spring. Instinctively, perhaps, they could spot the lush and brighter green grasses. They never looked back at me!


  1. thanks for sharing this glimpse into their life. it's like they have their own language/way of communicating.

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    ... well ... we're pretty sure that Sid isn't pure Lab ... maybe he's got just a touch of one of those herding breeds in him. or, he's just way smarter than he's been given credit for. my first corgi (registered, from herding stock) was a great retriever (and just very smart ... per a professional animal handler). GREAT pix of the flock :^) ~ m.