Thursday, October 04, 2007

Today's Gift

A man came by the farm this morning to pick up some hay elevator parts he'd bought from us. He had come from Strafford, NH and in talking I told him I knew a couple from his town. He asked how I knew them and I told him they'd been good friends with my brother, Jamie. Small state for sure and that we all knew the same people, not that unusual. But today marks a year since my brother died and as I stood there this morning talking with George and his friend Ray, leaning over the bed of his pickup as is the custom, I thought this is a gift. George liked Jamie a lot and told stories of things they'd done together. He spoke kind words and it was as is if his death hadn't happened for a brief moment. It was comforting.
Today is also my brother Kit's birthday.

The top picture is Jamie, me and Kit back in the 50's, the bottom, Jamie with his horses in the Deerfield, NH Old Home Day parade last summer.

I'll forever miss him.


  1. What happened to your brother? You were all cuties.
    Not that you're not still....but you know, we all get older.

    I was looking at your blog about Sidney eating the apples. WOW, I have never heard of a dog eating apples before. I used to have a dog that would pick blackberries. He looked so funny trying not to prick his furry lips on the blackberry bushes, while gingerly picking off the fruit.

  2. He had a massive heart attack last October...gone in an instant. )<:
    As for fruit loving dogs, we had a Chesapeake, Brandy, that could do the same as yours with blueberries, right off the bush, his lips were ever so dainty!
    We shall call them fruit cakes!

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    When I showed the picture of you and your brothers to my husband tonight, he said "That looks just like YOU!" He think I look like you, Nancy!

    Our chocolate lab, Hazel, LOVES apples.....she savors them.