Sunday, December 01, 2013


Quietly enjoying a day in my life.
One that I am eternally thankful my parents gave me.
It was before television, computers, internet, cell phones.
The telephone was wired into the wall and it was a party line.
When reading books and writing letters transported us
to ideas, friends and family.
I am grateful to have been part of that era. 
Moons later....
to celebrate my day, I made sure to have something to open.
Months ago, on a clearance rack at the local thrift store, this smart cotton jacket
was begging for a second chance. An Eileen Fisher number with a nifty
off-set zipper, pockets and a double layer of fabric here and there.
The color was just wrong.
    If it was to be a birthday jacket it would
be colored with November.
Bundled up it was left to wait for my day.
I am hoping Eileen approves but if not, at my age, it's just fine.
I rather like it. 



  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    what a beautiful transformation! you could literally disappear into & become one with the winter woods wearing that. ~ m.

    1. The thing I like to do, disappear, M.

  2. A beautiful transformation! Brava. How can Eileen not approve?

  3. and i'm guessing the raj pot may have had a hand? happy birthday...

    1. Something similar, India. Raj is under the weather.

  4. well transformed, nancy. something to celebrate IN.