Wednesday, August 15, 2012

pulp clouds

once there was a way
to get back
to the land
and an incredible woman,
papermaker and steward of the land,
took us on a journey 
with some tools
some plant stuff from the farm
 some shredding
the pressing of the natural creations
we made paper
it was HOT (90 degrees)
and beautiful.
cold cement kept the belly cool
as we splashed in watery pulp vats.
papers sheets.
like flat mid-summer leaves.
milkweed, cedar bark, day lilly, abaca
and more
pressed to board like noses
to the candy store window
and lo...paper for books or special treasures made.
and from Velma, this dear book.
is available here
don't miss a chance to study with Velma.
and yes, she will be back in 2013


  1. ooo YUM this looks good enough to eat!

  2. Very nice. I have always wanted to learn to make paper and you sure have some inspiring samples there. We call that position "Frogger" and all the dogs do it now and again, but Robin loves to travel ( on smooth surfaces) in that position to cooler spot. It's pretty funny. He doesn't look half as sweet though as Luna? does

  3. lovely, nancy. it felt like we all earned this one, mother nature being hard on us and all. long ridge (and you and jack) made it easy to work hard in the unusual heat and humidity.

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM

    ... I, also, have long been fascinated with the idea of making paper. the prairie should provide lots of suitable materials. ~ m.

  5. Ronnie, so true, it was like a cold vegetable soup.
    Come to the US and play with us next year.
    Theresa, "frogger" love it. This is the only way Luna lies down.
    Velma, it's all a happy memory.
    M, you would like this slow and peaceful art.

  6. What a beautiful array of colors, natural paint chips! So raw and real, love it.