Sunday, April 15, 2012


shearing day was fantastic with full sun, a light breeze
and temps in the 60's.
our shearer, Andy Rice, arrived with his new border collie pup, Meg.
she is 10 weeks cute and cheerful. while Andy set up
Luna and Meg got acquainted.
Luna was sooooo excited at the hope of a
playful companion. Kalie, our other sheltie
is not the playful sort (yet).
Patty Blomgren of Centre Artisans came
to work with me to sort and skirt fleeces.
she and Luna had a moment together during set-up.
fleeces came to our skirting table
as fast as we could sort
Georgia got sheared,
a spotted wonder.
meanwhile under the skirting table Luna and Meg
had fallen in love.
they rolled, ran, woofed, chased, napped
and played some more.
for Meg it was great,
for Luna it was heaven.
it got hot and Meg found the extra
sheep water buckets and
thought they made a dandy swimming hole.
Patty kept the flow going at the table
Daphne's fleece
Charlotte's turn with the blades
shearings done and with the quirky dry and
above normal warm weather
I (and am sure the sheep) are glad to be gifted
with a handsome pool of fleece off their backs.
now I begin to re-sort fleeces to prep for
raw sales and what ships for yarn and spinning fibers.
it's a long day but a fleece farmer's
reward for a year well worked.


  1. thank you Nancy for sharing your super busy day - it must be amazing to see the fleeces come off and feel all that wonderful raw wool

  2. Ah freshly shorn fleeces. I can smell them from here. The best smell in the world! The crimp on Daphne's fleece is to die for! Glad Luna had a fun play date with wee Meg.

  3. it is the one day of the year that tells all for fleece...such a great feel, smell and also relief to be done!

  4. ahh, the smell, i remember it. lovely, and the crimp and the color lurking underneath (and of course any problems, also...sigh) your day looks lovely and the sheep won't be too shocked by this heat wave.

  5. oh, how exciting for everyone, playmates, beautiful fleeces and cooler sheep. A winner of a day all around!