Friday, October 28, 2011

with very good reasons....

time and events have taken me hither and yon of late...
the weeks before Rhinebeck are always a flurry and then
poof! we are there
dear daughter Faith is now a mainstay at the shows with me.
it's such a special treat
as always I plan to take pictures of the show but only briefly
 is there time to capture special moments.
this was one such moment with this most adorable baby and mom who stopped to shop
it was a great show as always and Sunday eve Faith and I made the trek north
arriving home late in the night.
the following day after unpacking from the show
I made my way east a bit to catch a bird in hand
from Australia
the bubbly had survived the trek
and we enjoyed the reunion
the following days were laced together with farm chores
and drives through New Hampshire and Vermont
gathering black walnuts
moments of alone time
clarity of purpose
apppreciation for the simple joys
togetherness for dinner and gathering
 the morning after India's departure
I spied this ephemeral fibre art on our fenceline.
I burst out laughing.

a small Sheltie dog, Luna, hung with India all week
and misses her greatly
promises kept for their reunion here again
and now, the snow has arrived too early
more to come tomorrow night.
time to hunker and dream


  1. All of it sounds perfect...and that face on dog, the perfect summation!

  2. love your makes me feel you are not so far away. When reading the blog it reminds me of all the reasons I like you so much!

    Have a great week.

  3. What a lovely post. I can't believe I missed you at Rhinebeck!

  4. i love reading about your long ridge home. give luna a hug for me-

  5. being on the farm with you all is such a blessing

    and now i'm on the top floor of a helltell in Halifax
    waiting for the wind to blow in a snowflake or three from New Hampshire...

  6. Your post and autumn in general always makes me feel wistful. That's a big bird in hand. Glad you two had a wonderful time together at Rhinebeck.