Friday, August 19, 2011

peaceful easy feeling

this is a great time of the year on the farm
we may have some rain
we may have some heat
but we mostly have peace
in the early morning, the sun catches fenceline work from the overnight
during choretime neither the pups nor the sheep are concerned with moving.
Luna and Kalie in my sights with Della in the background
old Crystal, just hanging waiting for us to open the fenceline to pasture
Tybee, one big wether with NO agenda at all
his mother ewe, Bea. see that eye? that's a happy eye
the hens are living large and loving every minute of it
the additional barn garden is feeding the monarchs, bees and hummers along with some
delicious cucumbers, broccoli, tomats and brussells for us...
it's all good in late August


  1. And I wish this time of year would last for a long time! Not ready to give it up. :-) Love your photos! One day I will make it up there.

  2. Looks mighty peaceful indeed!
    What breed are your woofies? oh, they are sooo darned cute!!

  3. Oh it sure does look peaceful! I bet it's quiet too, just the buzzing of the bees, a cicada or two and the birds chittering around.

  4. looks like this neck of the woods used to, when i had sheep.

  5. The lovely, lazy, days of summer . . .
    Love your menagerie, it is so nice to have friends around.