Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great pieces of functional art

A yarn bowl. Artistic yet completely functional. I love my yarn bowl! It has a wonderful opening to let yarn feed fron the bowl to the needles, a great shape for all balls of yarn and rubber grippers on the bottom to keep it from slipping. I have even set it on the dashboard when riding and knitting (not driving!). It's kept me company with my Cascadia Mitts...
It's kept me company with knitting up some cotton washcloths....
and a cup of coffee....
and currently a pattern from Ravelry my cousin and I are knitting together, the Shroom Slouch

you can find one for yourself at Neal Pottery
Luna has created her own piece of functional art. A snow cave. It faces the sun, has protection from the wind, is cool on the underbelly and beautiful to boot!


  1. I can't tell from the picture, which one holds the coffee and which one holds the yarn? ;)

  2. Oh Boy, your shroom is looking a little sportier than mine!!!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE your yarn bowl! Where did you get it? Will they be at the NH Wool Fest?
    My, you have been a knitting dervish! The mitts look great. I have to check out that shroom.
    Luna is looking beautiful. Such a girly looking girl and so smart with her little snow kip. She can keep her nose warm tucked in that beautiful plume of a tail too.
    Makes Stella and Charlotte quite jealous!
    How is your lame ewe doing Nancy?

  4. Theresa, there is a link above to the potter...
    As for Peach's recovery, she is 100% better. I am still abit concerned as she has spent the winter in another barn on soft bedding and with one other sheep for company. Time will tell if she has healed enough when she joins the other flock which is a bit more movement and at times feisty!

  5. Nancy, thanks so much for showing off our yarn bowl so beautifully! I've got mine sitting here next to me as we speak. We can be found at our web page that you linked to, or at: nealpottery.etsy.com
    Give your sweet dog a pat on the head....
    : ) Amy Neal