Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just having a ball

Sidney and Luna are snow birds. We knew Sidney was but it sure is great that Luna is also.

It's a must that all animals and people living on Long Ridge Farm love the snow!

We still have a lot of snow on south side of the saddle up here and today it looks like a lovely snow globe outside.

She eats, breathes and sleeps in it whenever she can.

Our lone hen, Bianca, comes in from the cold to visit from time to time. She is very polite (no messing!), she has some water and then rests in and around the kitchen. Then I pick her up and put her out to live the life of a not so spoiled hen. It's hard to have just one. We will be getting more chicks in May, enough of this!


  1. Look at Sidney frolicking like a pup! What a great picture(s)!

  2. Too cute. Mu pups love the snow too! They push through it head first like a seal does. Their version of sledding downhill-lol!

  3. Our oldest dog, Tilly (blue heeler/German shepherd mix) was sliding on her bum in the snow today as she chased the baby Coco (Cairn terrier mix). I almost fell over laughing.

    Adorable pictures!!

  4. If you want to make a trip down this way, I'll give you a couple of my Ameraucana hens. They lay various shades of green eggs. These were June 15 hatch, and have only been laying about a month.

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    ... Chloe' was a real snow-pup, too. she always wanted to be up front, breaking trail ~ hard work in deep snow for a corgi! ... 'til she got tuckered out, would fall back for a breather & then charge ahead again. ... fun to see your two having a blast together ~ m.

  6. Holly8:54 AM

    Love the photos of Luna having fun with Sidney! Such beautiful pictures of them in the snow.

  7. Bianca goes well with the rug! What a hoot that hen is. She was the first one I met when I arrived at Long Ridge last summer. Looks like Sydney is very happy to have a new companion, great pictures. Happy Belated New Year Nancy! best wishes, Barbara