Sunday, December 13, 2009

New day

Sleep knits the ragged sleeve of care. Our sole hen, Bianca, made her way out and about the farm today. Not a really pleasant day weatherwise, but this chicken stands to be the last one standing. She is one tough hen. We feed crackers at the house shed and Bianca was there to get her fair share this morning. Schedule as usual. Late morning she found a patch of dirt in the drive and got to dusting her feathers, happy as a clam.

She was quickly thwarted by another round of heavy I gathered her up and put her in the coop for the rest of the day where it's warm and dry, solitary for her, but at least she's safe and cared for.


  1. Dust bathing or mud-bathing? Lol. Glad she's healthy. We got hit with rain instead-ugh.

  2. It's a hard time of year when there's no good place for a dust bath! The horses note that as well.

  3. Same luck with Carmella...she showed up in the pen, so I closed it up, put on the heat light and put lots of straw down. Seems lonely out there.

    Does Bianca want company?

    by the way...Jacks e-mail was great!

  4. Oh mama...I must say it is sad that you lost your little hen friend but I amm so delighted you have finally found a sheltie. I cannot wait to see pictures. I remember when i first laid eyes on Sierra i fell in love with her eyes, one blue one brown. She is definatley her mommys girl. : ). I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the snow. I can't believe it is almost January again!!! Time flies right by. I will be delighted to see snow for the first time in, hmmmm... I think it has been year s as crazy as that sounds. I will certainly be equiped with lots of warm layers.

    Love you... xoxoxox Faith