Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, rain, rain....

My favorite topic of any day is the weather but I have to say our current pattern here in New England is just the pits!

May was not the best month for sunny days but in June we have had 7 days without rain and a rainfall total so far as of this morning of 4.5". Late May we were delighted to be getting a great start on the hay season and I thought what a great season it would be. Just after that thought it has rained ever since. No one can cut hay, and although our grazing is non-stop for the sheep, the areas around their sheds are getting too muddy. Saturday night we had a rotten thunderstorm and driving rains. In the morning when we got to the flock on pasture they were all in their shed and not interested one bit in coming out. We decided a move back to the winter barn would be the ticket, a change of pace, dry and spacious and the winter pasture would do them fine for a few days.

Here was the flock about a week ago before the real deluge started. They were pretty happy here. It was cool and although misty, not pouring all the time. That's Bea on the left looking at me. Crystal on the right laying down is really happy here, can you see it? This pasture is right behind our house and porch. We all love when they are here for the rotation. We have dinner on the porch and they love the company! One night I put a very gentle CD in the player and put it on repeat for the overnight. In the morning they were all sacked out and very mellow. (Sheep Tests 101: The Effect of Music on A Sheep's Overall Demeanor)

This weekend we bought lots of quarts of fresh strawberries. Despite all the rain they are just stunning this year. And soooo delish! I made some strawberry shortcake with one quart and then froze the rest. The one thing I would drive interstate for is strawberry shortcake and now I don't have to on some dark winter afternoon. They aren't quite as good as fresh, I know, but still I'll manage to enjoy that winter treat! So take advantage of your local produce while the farmers are putting it up at your local farms and road stands.


  1. I haven't had a chance to go picking this year, but I'm hoping to score some berries at the farmer's market this week!

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    ... almost amazing that there are nice strawberries ... they like sun & they don't like being too soggy. we've gotten some nice ones in our Millers CSA shares the past two weeks. have been enjoying strawberry & spinach salad & a Sunday luncheon of Belgian Waffles & Strawberries & vanilla icecream :^) ... have managed to save some to the freezer ~ m.

  3. I haven't picked yet! If only the sun would stay out long enough.

  4. Hey neighbor,

    We're pretty tired of the rain, too! My garden is looking like a bog now, although some things do seem to be enjoying the wet (lettuce)

    Just watch, we'll wish for a little dry weather and end up wit a drought for July ;)