Friday, January 16, 2009

No such thing as having too much fun

Just a bit chilly this morning but the sun was bright and strong so it felt reasonably good for a winter's day!

I got home from work early and we took a snowmobile ride into Keene (25 miles). The trails are splendid! After 2 feet of snow, an ice storm, more snow and now frigid temperatures the trails are hard and smooth as glass.

On trail today we watched a flock of turkeys crossing the trail. You can see them to the left of Jack, just crossing into the woods.

We rode to Chili's in Keene for a refresher. I must say as we rode the railroad bed into town at 55 mph, with the air temp at 0 and the wind chill factor at 55 below zero we were warm as toast! It is really miraculous if you are dressed accordingly!

Yup, this is me, hanging out on such thing as having too much fun! Be warm!


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I love the photo of all the snowmobiles parked in front of Chili's! You wouldn't see that around here.

  2. One of my favorite ads is for a British company who sells oiled raingear, and whose motto is: There is no such thing as inclement weather, only improper clothing.

    How true is that?? Looks like a great time!