Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hawse men

That's the way a native to these parts will refer to a man who works with draft horses.

This is Reggie. He lives in town and has been logging with his horses up the road from us. I see him go by in the early morning, the mist still in the air as the sun tries to push through. On the way home the horses are ready for a rub down after a long working day. Reg has 4 drafts horses and switches them off on different days. It's a treat to have him stop on the way by to talk for just a bit about whatever comes up. And then he heads on down the road for home.

Reggie reminds me of my brother who passed away back in October 2006. Another hawse man. Here he is at the Deerfield Old Home Day in the summer of 2006.


  1. I love draft horses with their hooves as big as plates.

  2. I completely and totally adore drafts. They have such wonderful personalities. The power company up in Vermont used a guy and his single horse partner to put in poles in our remote neck of the woods. THAT was fun to watch.

    Someday I'll learn how to drive....