Thursday, July 24, 2008


Della and Lucy! I always wanted to name a ewe Lucy after my grandmother! What does the name Della conjure up in your mind?

Jack and I drove west today to central NY state to meet another truck coming east so we could pick up these lovely Romeldale ewes we bought to add to our flock. I am soooo excited to have them here!
They rode like champs, having been in transport a total of 13 hours today. We pulled in at 4:30PM, off loaded them to the big barn, did a good physical check, a few meds, filled the hay rack, water bucket and salt feeder and they are nicely settled here at Long Ridge Farm.

Both sheep hail from the largest flock of Romeldales in the country and I am delighted to have this line of genetics a part of our flock.

Three cheers for Della and Lucy!


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Oh, such excitement, and what wonderful additions to your flock Della and Lucy are! Building your own sheepy empire "up thar," it looks like ... good for you!

    BTW, your chicks/chickens ... what breed are they? They don't happen to be Rhode Island reds, do they? I'm creating a Web page as the first baby step of creating an official writing and editing business; current employment situation is intolerable, but that's another story. (Web site creation is via SynthaSite -- no charges for anything, like Blogger, but much more flexible, it looks like.) Anyway, back to the point: I've always referred to myself as Red Hen and like the sound of "Red Hen Writes," and if your chickens are reds, I'd just love a happy chicken face at the top of my home page. I'd beg for it, of course. :o)

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Boy, I guess I missed a few posts! Della and Lucy are lovely.