Saturday, April 26, 2014

beyond the crossroads

Directions and decisions, truth and consequences,
hellos and goodbyes, roads taken, not taken.
The past year, as I time warped into the 6th decade,
I have less desire for the destination, more for the journey,
like a bloom opening on a warm spring morning,
unsure of the day ahead but moving forward, regardless.
The days have symmetrical rhythm
some with dead ends
days of thirst for something new
ups and down

tight squeezes
and rocky times. After all, that is
part of our own pilgrimage, isn't it?
There is always a way

and always there are good hearts discovered on the journey.
Join me as the blog continues.
It's traveling here
Swing by if you desire.


  1. So the whole blog is migrating there? Will follow you.......

    1. will take a day or two but I will see you 'over there'!